Does your heart race at being a missionary? Do you and your family have a strong desire to do mighty works for God?

Come help us. We are building a mission to work with foster kids, young families and people struggling with recovery by running a mission home that balances bible college, vocational training, and Christian family lifestyles into program that by the grace of God will change hearts and grow fruits of the spirit.

You will be able to live with us, learning and applying hands on mission work in reaching needy people in the Girard, Kansas area.

Of course you will need to find sponsors to help support you but we can help with that to.

If you have a souse and children that is awesome and we'd love to have you help us. If your single that is awesome too. God can use you, and we can use you.

Here are some positions that we need filled:

  1. House parents: Parents to help raise foster kids.
  2. Christian Counselors: to help encourage and guide people through conversation and prayers.
  3. Vocational trainers and works: help operate the shop and teach people trade skills and get product out the door.
  4. Culinary arts: to help cook and train people both in home cooking and in commercial cooking.
  5. Teachers: what are you good at? We want you to teach and share your gifts for Christ.
  6. Speakers: Help spread the news about what we are doing and help churches join our team to support our outreach.
  7. Admin / clerical: help with office, computer, web, book keeping, etc PUNCH NUMBERS FOR CHRIST!
  8. Sports / scouting / coach ministries: use your sports or nature skills for growing minds for the kingdom.

We all where many different hats, and this can and will be a awsome ministry experience for you.