This is the first needs list posted for our UCCBI house in Girard, KS:

Stage 1: Shell of Facilities:

  1. Building cleanout. We need volunteers to help clean out the two upper floors. Mainly old boxes and collapsed plaster and dust.
  2. Plumbing hooked up. We need to run and hook up plumbing for the upper floors. We will use PEX lines.
  3. Electrical Wiring to be ran. All the old hook and loop wiring has been disconnected all new wiring is needed.
  4. Fire Sprinkler and alarm: We need a fire sprinkler system installed in the first floor. And fire alarms installed in every major area.
  5. Broken windows: There are two windows that were broken in the last storm.
  6. Roof repaired at chimney. There is an old unused chimney on the east side of building that needs to be sealed around it.

Stage 2: Build Out Once the first stage is done we can begin buildout. These are the projects we need work crews to help with. This stage focuses primarily on the 2nd floor.

  1. Install ceilings: The old ceiling was morter and lathe. We will install new ceiling panels over it.
  2. Construct interior walls and mezzanine.
  3. Construct plumbing buildouts for new bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry rooms.
  4. Finish walls (painting, paneling etc)
  5. kitchen and bathroom cabinetry (we will build these in our wood shop)
  6. install doors
  7. install blinds
  8. Paint exterior of building

Stage 3: Furnishings

Now that the 2nd floor has been made livable. It is time to stock it with furnishings equipment.

Laudry room:

  1. 2 washers and 2 dryers
  2. 1 laundry wash sink


  1. 2 flat topped stoves
  2. 2 refrigerators
  3. 1 deep freeze
  4. 1 dishwasher
  5. 1 large kitchen aid mixer
  6. plates, silverware, glasses, pot holders, wash cloth
  7. 2 range hoods
  8. kitchen fire extinquishers


  1. 3 Shower stall
  2. 3 sink
  3. 3 vanity
  4. 3 mirror
  5. 3 toilet

Common room:

  1. 2 matching sofas
  2. 4 recliners
  3. 2 coffee tables
  4. 6 end tables
  5. shelves for library
  6. lamps

Dining room:

2 large 10' dining tables 4 large benches or 25 chairs 2 hutches for dinnerware

Boys bedroom: 4 bunkbeds 4 dressers 8 mattresses 4 chests

Girls bedroom: 4 bunkbeds 4 dressers 8 mattresses 4 chests 4 desks

houseparent 1 room:

houseparent 2 room:

Adult room 1: 2 beds 2 mattresses 2 dressers 2 chests 2 desks

Adult room 2: 1 beds 1 mattresses 1 dressers 1 chests 1 desks