As part of of foster kid program, we also have space for one family. This family as we stated before, need help and guidance raising their kids and becoming solid parents.

The parents will be placed into spritual, biblical, and vocational training. They will see good parenting modeled and be given in-depth hands on discipling in life skills as well as Christian living.

The same legal agreements for the foster kids will apply to the children of this family. The children become the legal wards of the home, for the tie the family is with us.

This is a major opprtunity for families at risk of losing their children otherwise.

Please see the section on foster kids to understand how we help kids and how we would help your kids.

You may not have a criminal conviction, history of sexual offenses, outstanding warrants, or a history of violence or behavior that would make you a risk to others or yourself. Being accepted into our program would require a sponsoring church or individuals to help cover your family's expenses.

More information will be avaible and this page will be grown.