We provide privately placed Christian foster care. We receive no funds from the state- except for medicaid assistance for medical. Our program is a safe, nurturing, spiritual home that promotes imagination, art, self esteem and self reliance. We exist to help the children gain focus, discover some of their talents, and help them develop the skills to achieve their dreams. By utilizing clear and reasonable boundaries, respect, consistency, and supervision the children will grow more stable, and define and pursue realistic goals for their lives.

Children we cannot take in:

Although we love children in general, it is beyond our scope to be handle to handle the following children:

Children with histories of violence, sexual offenders, selling or dealing drugs, criminal convictions, severe depression, suicidal tendencies, or psychiatric conditions that would make them a danger to others or themselves.

Basically we can welcome most children except those who would need specialized care beyond what we can handle.

We reserve the right to accept or refuse placement of any child.

The placement and care of the child:

If you have a child or children you wish to place with us. The procedure is a relatively quick one.

We would schedule a meeting to interview you and your child. After the interview and reviewing your child's school, medical and personal history and we decide we are a good fit. Then you would arrange an attorney to draft a Letter of legal Guardianship. Which during the time the child remains with us would give us the right to determine visitation, disciplinary, dietary, medical, educational, and religious instruction etc. In this letter there will also be a binding contract for child support usually determined by the court. This guardianship can be canceled by either party.

Our rules and guidelines are not yet online. But here are some key rules we utilize:

  1. Adults are never alone with children.
  2. For the first 30 days, we ask that you only contact the children via physical mail or email. No phone calls or visitations. This is a very important aspect of the child becoming part of our home and helping them to adapt in a healthy manner. You may call or email us anytime for updates or to chat.
  3. No cell phones.
  4. No sexually explicit media or games.
  5. No sexually / otherwise innapproriate attire.
  6. No outside pets.
  7. No off campus visitation for the first 180 days.
  8. Church, school, and vocational attendance is mandatory.
  9. Currently we plan on using the public school system. But that may change as a plethora of home school and online school options have become available.

We look forward to helping you.