Everybody sins. Period.

The purpose of the church (the people not the building) is to support each other and work to grow ourselves, each other, and God's kingdom.

We exist to help you continue your walk from addiction slavery, to freedom from addictions by providing you with different way of living than you had before.

In our recovery program you will be working with your counselors and advisors (AA, NA etc) and you will be working with us to learn new life and vocational skills and biblical training.

But your bible training will be to train you up in Christian Maturity. So that you can help others discover the Grace and Mercy of Jesus Christ. You will earn bible diplomas and gain powerful tools to help you discover a better life in Christ.

We cannot accept people into our home with histories of violence, sexual offenders, selling or dealing drugs, criminal convictions, severe depression, suicidal tendencies, or psychiatric conditions that would make them a danger to others or themselves.

Also you must have a church or person willing to sponsor your expenses while in our program.